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AACR Recognizes Grantees at the Annual Meeting 2013

April 6, 2013
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WASHINGTON, D.C.  — The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) will honor 22 new grant recipients at the AACR Annual Meeting 2013, held in Washington, D.C., April 6-10.

The AACR will congratulate the recipients at a grants reception and dinner on Tuesday, April 9, at 6:30 p.m. ET in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

2013 AACR-Amgen Inc. Fellowships in Clinical/Translational Cancer Research

  • Kara N. Maxwell, M.D., Ph.D.; University of Pennsylvania
    “Identification of Clinically Relevant Breast Cancer Susceptibility Variants”
  • Victoria E. H. Wang, M.D., Ph.D.; University of California, San Francisco
    “The Role of the c-Met/HGF Pathway in Drug Resistance and Metastasis”

2012 AACR Anna D. Barker Fellowship in Basic Cancer Research

  • Amélie Griveau, Ph.D.; University of California, San Francisco
    “Phosphorylated-Olig2 Biochemical Function in Pediatric Glioma”

2013 AACR-Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology Fellowship in Clinical Cancer Research

  • Jian Li Campian, M.D., Ph.D.; Johns Hopkins University
    “The Effect of IL-7 on Treatment-related Lymphopenia in High-grade Gliomas”

2013 AACR Judah Folkman Fellowship for Angiogenesis Research

  • Fusanori Yotsumoto, M.D., Ph.D.; Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
    “Stromal Control of Brain Tumor Angiogenesis and Progression by NG2-PG”

2013 AACR-Millennium Fellowship in Lymphoma Research

  • Michael Pourdehnad, M.D.; University of California, San Francisco
    “Novel Mechanisms of mTOR Inhibitor Efficacy in Myc-positive Lymphomas”

2013 AACR-Millennium Fellowship in Prostate Cancer Research

  • Eliezer M. Van Allen, M.D.; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    “Dissecting Clinical Response and Resistance to Abiraterone Acetate”

2013 Fight Colorectal Cancer-AACR Fellowship, in memory of Lisa Dubow

  • Maria Pia Morelli, M.D., Ph.D.; The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • “Detecting/Predicting Acquired Chemotherapy Resistance in Colorectal Cancer”

2013 QuadW-AACR Fellowship for Clinical/Translational Sarcoma Research

  • Mohit Sachdeva, Ph.D.; Duke University Medical Center
    “miR-182 in Sarcoma: Metastasis Biomarker and Target for Radiosensitization”

Fellows Grant:
2012 AACR-FNAB Fellows Grant for Translational Pancreatic Cancer Research

  • Olorunseun O. Ogunwobi, M.D., Ph.D.; University of Florida
    “Mechanisms of Metastasis in Pancreatic Cancer”

Career Development Awards:
2013 AACR-Aflac Inc. Career Development Award for Pediatric Cancer Research

  • Yiping He, Ph.D.; Duke University Medical Center
    “Role of the MLL2-REST Link in Medulloblastoma Pathogenesis”

2013 AACR-Genentech BioOncology Career Development Award for Cancer Research on the Family Pathway

  • Hanna Yoko Irie, M.D., Ph.D.; Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    “Novel Strategies to Overcome HER2 Targeted Therapy Resistance”

2013 AACR-National Brain Tumor Society Career Development Award

  • Markus David Siegelin, M.D.; Columbia University Medical Center
    “CP-d/n-ATF5 as a Novel Potent Treatment for Malignant Glioma”

2012 Fight Colorectal Cancer-AACR Career Development Award, in memory of Lisa Dubow

  • Andrea Bertotti, M.D., Ph.D.; Istituto per la Ricerca e la Cura del Cancro, Candiolo, Italy
    “Improving Targeted Therapy in Colorectal Cancer Through Xenopatients”

2013 AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research Award:

  • Sandra S. McAllister, Ph.D.; Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    “Elucidating the Pathophysiology of Disseminated Tumor Cells”

Grants for Independent Investigators:
2013 AACR Dharma Master Jiantai Innovative Grant for Lung Cancer Research

  • David B. Shackelford, Ph.D.; University of California, Los Angeles
    “Develop Novel Therapeutic Strategies to Target LKB1-deficient Lung Cancer”

2012 Breast Cancer Research Foundation-AACR Grants for Translational Breast Cancer Research

  • Dennis Hallahan, M.D.; Washington University in St. Louis
    “Antibodies to Novel Inducible Antigens in Breast Cancer”
  • Mark Moasser, M.D.; University of California, San Francisco
    “A Next-Generation Approach for Inactivation of the HER2-HER3 Tumor Driver”
  • Stephanie Pero, Ph.D.; University of Vermont and State Agricultural College
    “A Novel Ultra HTS Cytotoxic Assay for Discovery of Human Cancer Antibodies”
  • Shizhen Emily Wang, Ph.D.; Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope
    “Identify Blood-borne microRNAs Associated With Breast Cancer Metastasis”

2012 Caring for Carcinoid Foundation-AACR Grant for Carcinoid Tumor and Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor Research

  • Eric K. Nakakura, M.D., Ph.D.; University of California, San Francisco
    “Overcoming Resistance to mTOR Inhibition in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor”

2013 Caring for Carcinoid Foundation-AACR Grant for Carcinoid Tumor and Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor Research

  • Gabriele Bergers, Ph.D.; University of California, San Francisco
    “Implication of Heterogeneous Innate Immune Cells in PNET Resistance”
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About the American Association for Cancer Research
Founded in 1907, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is the world’s first and largest professional organization dedicated to advancing cancer research and its mission to prevent and cure cancer. AACR membership includes more than 34,000 laboratory, translational and clinical researchers; population scientists; other health care professionals; and cancer advocates residing in more than 90 countries. The AACR marshals the full spectrum of expertise of the cancer community to accelerate progress in the prevention, biology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer by annually convening more than 20 conferences and educational workshops, the largest of which is the AACR Annual Meeting with more than 17,000 attendees. In addition, the AACR publishes eight peer-reviewed scientific journals and a magazine for cancer survivors, patients and their caregivers. The AACR funds meritorious research directly as well as in cooperation with numerous cancer organizations. As the scientific partner of Stand Up To Cancer, the AACR provides expert peer review, grants administration and scientific oversight of team science and individual grants in cancer research that have the potential for near-term patient benefit. The AACR actively communicates with legislators and policymakers about the value of cancer research and related biomedical science in saving lives from cancer. For more information about the AACR, visit

Media Contact:

Lauren Riley
(215) 446-7155
In Washington, D.C.,
April 6-10, 2013:

(202) 249-4005

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