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QR Codes at the AACR 102nd Annual Meeting 2011

January 14, 2011

WAACR Annual Meeting 2011 QR Codehile walking the AACR 102nd Annual Meeting 2011 exhibit floor, you might notice some QR codes1 on signs. Unsure what these bar codes are? In short, QR Codes (Quick Response codes) are two-dimensional bar codes that can be scanned with a smartphone app and contain a link to a URL. For the last several years, more organizations are putting QR codes on posters, in magazines and on postcards. Individuals scan the code with a smartphone to obtain more information. An example: An attendee of the AACR 102nd Annual Meeting 2011 visits AACR Central in the exhibit hall and sees a QR code that links to the Annual Meeting 2011 webcast portal. Upon scanning the code, the portal comes up on her smartphone and she’s able to surf through the available webcast sessions.

In order to scan a QR code with your smartphone, you will need to have a reader app installed on your phone. Below are some suggested free bar code scanner apps:




Want to try out a QR code? Download and install one of the apps above on your smartphone and then scan the QR code on this page.

1The words “QR Code” are a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

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